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A word.

This small moment between dragging yourself and stopping yourself.

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When finishing today’s design I was noticing, how I am looking at it from apart. You know the kids do that when they look from side to side. I was thinking about going for a meal or continuing doing it. You give it a touch here and there, and that’s probably a moment where you should stop and continue after a meal.

A teaching from a Master

The first time I came across this idea was when watching GQ video with a Japanese designer. He was telling a story how when he was creating a chair, he went to show it to the master, and asked: “Now, how do I finish it?” …

This one is for writers who experience this rush of anxiety before clicking the publish button and then push themselves to not feel it.

Found a 2month old draft of article that still holds an value. So sharing it now.

Just a few moments ago, I was writing the advice for my younger self to listen to my feelings how they are always honest.

And when wanting to click the publish button, I probably asked myself: “Okay publishing?” Which started an anxiety tornado that ended up upon re-editing the title of the article back and forth probably 7 times.

Do you see the irony? I was even anxious to share it on Facebook, because I know when I feel those feelings that somewhere in there was something that wasn’t quite “good”. …


Luke Fecko

Just writing.

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